Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-08-21 06:34
Roger Hooton
Barossa. SA
Richard Morecroft.
Thank you for your comment, it does clear up, for me, my doubt of the former presenters commitment to the show. I now await for the long overdue comment from someone in SBS management.
2012-08-20 21:20
Richard Morecroft
Jervis Bay
Warmest thanks
Greetings to all the Letters and Numbers supporters who have left comments here, or on the show’s website, over the last month or so. David, Lily and I have been quite overwhelmed by your generous response - and by your enthusiasm for a show that simply celebrates using your brain! Our commitment to Letters and Numbers has always been 100 percent; we loved being part of it and we are very disappointed that there are no plans for new episodes. We will miss the programme greatly, but thank you all for your support and positivity – it’s been a wonderful experience.
2012-08-17 11:33
Broken Hill
Destination Flavour
Such a waste of talent.....
2012-08-16 20:32
Jan Syme
Have just been watching Destination Flavour. Just another foodie show, and as much as I like Lily, any tv person could do her role on this show.
But what a waste of a talent. Lily is/was brilliant on L&N, and I don't think anyone could surpass her at that.
As somebody before me has said, you won't lose face by bringing it back. Everyone here would be delighted to see new series of the wonderful Letters and Numbers
2012-08-16 14:49
adam synnott
armidale N.S.W
L and N
What are you thinking?. Are you just not bringing it back to save face.?. It's okay, just bring it back now, and we'll say no more about it. Everyone has lapses of judgement, it's human. But killing off L and N is just crazy.
I tried to watch the other show, Countdown. Umm, Eeeek, this robot like young Jewish kid barking orders at the letter person, and a woman who looked like a coupling between Droopy the Dog, and Robocop. I truly couldn't understand a word she said. The show had all the pizzaz of a well rotted carcass.
Please don't do this to us, we've done nothing , except enjoy the puzzles.
2012-08-15 18:48
Michael Simms
Brisbane Queensland
Letters and Numbers
My wife and I, were stunned to learn that L and N won't be on anymore. Along with our neighbor, we watched the show almost without fail. It was a refreshing alternative to shows based on big prizes, and made it clear that thinking, having a go and friendly banter are great aspects of our society. Please reconsider bringing it back; even our children in their 20's living away from home think it's great. We need more TV that exercises our brains and provides us with friendly competition.
2012-08-15 17:43
Patricia Porignneaux
Ascot Vale
Letters and Numbers
I tuned in to SBS after the Tour de France, expecting to watch Letters and Numbers.I then searched the Green Guide thinking it had been moved to another time slot. SBS what are you thinking of? LandN had a very large following; a show not to be missed. Bring it back!
2012-08-14 19:41
Susan Byrne
I love letters and numbers
I have always liked word games and that was what initially attracted me to letters and numbers but I have grown to love the numbers too.....always amazed at Lily's mind.......I love the so not commercial feel of the show......6 o'clock is a waste land in television .......what a shame.
2012-08-14 18:52
No L&N, No SBS
Our telly has not been tuned to any of SBS's programme's since the announcement that L&N would be given a rest (axed). I have no idea what Countdown is like and if the responses of those who have watched it are anything to go by, I have not missed much.
So until the return of L&N, our telly will continue to have a rest from SBS!
2012-08-14 18:49
Joanne Blake and Jill Condie
Mornington Victoria
Letters and Numbers
This program was a MUST in our viewing schedule, in fact the one program we would not miss if we could help it. We now mourn its loss every night at 6pm. Please bring it back!