Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-06-26 13:30
Like others my whole family sit and watch Letters and Numbers together. As a teacher I've turned many students and their families onto it as well. It's quite simply the best show on television.
2012-06-26 13:29
SBS cut the wrong programme!!!
It has become my routine to come back home before 6pm to watch L&N. When I can't make it, I would always watch it online. I have become so addicted to this programme that I don't know what I should do after the last episode tomorrow.

L&N is a unique programme that you can't find from other channels. It has drawn a lot of audiences. Please have a look st the online contributions from the audience on the L&N website below each episode – there are kids as young as 10 wanting to participate.

I hope that another TV channel will pick up L&N in the new future so that we can all switch to watch that channel and forget about SBS altogether.
2012-06-26 13:24
Kings Langley
Letter and Numbers
Please continue the show! It's so entertaining!
2012-06-26 13:15
Kerry Stubbs
My whole family watch L and N nearly everynight. It is the only time my family sit and watch a show together. There is great competiton to see who gets the best word or fastest maths answer. It would be such a shame not to have our L and N fix each evening. Why do we now have to watch an English version?
2012-06-26 13:11
Rosemarie Lucia
letters and numbers
please reconsider. I have several friends who love this show. One in particular, he is a severely handicapped person who can not read or write but absolutely LOVES this show. He is so into it he won't miss an episode. 3pm and 6pm. He becomes so animated when he watches this show, it's as though he is part of the team. Please don't take that away from him.
2012-06-26 13:05
Please change your mind
Its a great show, I watch it with my mum. Please change your mind
2012-06-26 13:01
Lyn Foster
Blue Mountains
The only time the whole family gets together to watch t.v. at my home. It is educational, entertaining, good viewing for any age group and made in Australia. We will not be watching an inferior version.
2012-06-26 12:55
It's a great family show I know so many people who are into it. The only good show at that time.
2012-06-26 12:49
Ever since my retirement I have hated weekends because there is no Letters and Numbers. If you take it away you will have me hating weekdays too.
2012-06-26 12:48
Alistair King
Point Frederick, NSW
Letters and numbers
My 6 year old kindergarten daughter keeps a close eye on the clock every night so she doesn't miss L.A.N. I cant bring myself to tell her it will be cancelled - she will be devestated.