Help save Letters and Numbers

2012-07-09 16:09
Port Macquarie
Bring back Letters and Numbers SBS
This show is great entertainment and a great teacher. My maths have improved 100% following Lily's explanations.
2012-07-09 15:41
Geoff Bailey
Newtown, Sydney
3PM repeats
In case it slipped people's notice, the 3PM repeats of Letters and Numbers are still scheduled for the next few weeks and appear to be starting from the beginning (with the very first episode screened today). This is good news for people, like me, who found the show late.

There should be at least four week's worth of those; whether they then shift to repeating Countdown in that timeslot is as-yet unclear.
2012-07-09 14:27
kaylla tanner
letters and numbers
i won't be watching sbs until letters and numbers is back on tv. please bring it back as it taught me my alphabet and how to spell. kaylla age 5.
2012-07-09 13:25
Lyn Blackman
Beechworth Vic
Letters and Numbers
My country town adored L&N , but prefers footie to soccer. So it has been quite easy to get a "Don't Watch SBS" campaign well-supported.
A lot more people watched this than they must have thought.
SBS- we are not going to shut up!
2012-07-09 07:52
Theresa Stott
Letters and Numbers
What does SBS think it's doing? One of the few truly intelligent and appealing shows on television, which gives pleasure to so many people of all ages, and they axe it! Have the programmers gone mad?

2012-07-08 22:26
Michael T
Insanity at SBS
What happened? I can't believe it, the only reason I can spell! And it will be a dark day when the commercial networks pick up Lily and ruin it for the rest of us. RIP
2012-07-08 22:24
Brisbane Q
Letters & Numbers - Bring it Back
Nearly a thousand comments have articulated persuasively the charm of Letters & Numbers - such a simple format, no hype, intelligent, interactive, fun, informative, broad appeal show which leads beautifully to an excellent news program.
All I can say is:- Bring it Back.
2012-07-08 22:05
margery east
loss of L&N
A half- hour entertaining, interactive program, prepared and produced in Australia which engages minds from 6-90year olds, providing good mental stimulus should be getting a gold star rating not the AXE! just shows how out of touch programmers are, or, is it the advertisers who are ruling the roost? Of
course it is not sport, but it is mental gymnastics which many enjoy!
2012-07-08 19:51
Anitra Scully
Mosman 2088
Letters and Numbers
Unbelievable - love this show - what idiot decided to axe this programme.
2012-07-08 11:35
Ruth Melvold
Burleigh Heads
Letters and Numbers
The SBS exectuives must need their heads read. They have axed the only show on television that requires the contestants, hosts, and viewers to actually use their brains and not rely on luck or personal issues like voting. L&N also has marketing for its own books. Not to mention that the show is also popular - the whole family participates in this show - wer're hooked on it and now it is gone!

BRING Letters and Numbers BACK!